The LSTV Podcast Episode 7

The LSTV Podcast Episode 7

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The LSTV Podcast Episode 7
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Join us for our 7th episode of the LSTV Podcast where I'm joined by Rishi and Meg. Tune in to hear us chat about all sorts from The Sarah Jane Adventures to The Good Place.



In this episode of the Perspective Prog. based on Towards Clean Energy. Electricity drives our lifestyles. Everything from a computer to a television to refrigerator needs energy. The energy supply sector (electricity, heat, and other energy) is the largest contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for approx. 35% of total emissions. Switching to renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind or hydroelectric power, also means less pollution and new and better jobs. To get back on track for the 1.5°C goal, emissions from the energy sector need to be halved by 2030 and eliminated by 2050. On Tuesday Prime Minister and his British counterpart Boris Johnson jointly launched the `one world, one sun, one grid’ initiative at the COP 26 Climate Meet in Glasgow, envisioning a global ecosystem of interconnected renewable energy green grids. One Sun, One World & One Grid will not only reduce storage needs but also enhance the viability of solar projects. This creative initiative will not only reduce carbon footprints and energy cost but also open a new avenue for cooperation between different countries and region. India has also made a commitment at COP 26 Summit that by 2030 it will fulfill 50% of its energy requirement through renewable energy and bring its non-fossil fuel energy capacity to 500 GW by 2030.