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  • 1 year ago
Senate Plan Makes ObamaCare Worse – Ep. 261

Senate Plan Makes ObamaCare Worse – Ep. 261

Let the SS ObamaCare Ship Sink
The Republicans in the Senate finally unveiled their version of ObamaCare Repeal & Replace.  It's very heavy on replace, but there really isn't any repeal. They are replacing it with something that may even be worse. Regardless, we still should let the ObamaCare ship sink while it's called the SS ObamaCare.
Senate Bill Leans Toward Socialized Medicine
The House already passed their version. The Senate version is even worse; it takes away all penalties for not buying insurance. At least the House version tried to create some kind of penalty. Now, a penalty of any sort would not be necessary if the government did not mandate insurance companies to cover people with preexisting conditions. The only way insurance companies can survive, if the Senate bill were enacted, is with massive government (taxpayer) subsidies.
Moral Hazard
Of course the Senate does not consider the moral hazard of offering a "medical bill-paying service", so the cost will be en