The Pan Dulce Life

San Diego, United States

Based in San Diego, "The Pan Dulce Life Mixshow" is a Latin-influenced show featuring DJ mixes by our team of resident DJs along with special guest DJs. The show is co-hosted by DJ/producer Refresh and Murcielago Mayor.

The mixshow began in 2017 and has since been streamed over 1 million times. We can be heard across several platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Mixcloud, and Google Podcasts. Our listeners tune in from over 40 countries, including the US, UK, Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, and more!

Our crew of resident DJs include Irvine's DJ Huggz, Sacramento's DJ Zay and DJ LG, and San Diego's Martin Kache and DJ AB.

Give us a listen, subscribe, and connect with us on social media @thepandulcelife Enjoy y Saca las Conchas!