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The Lemon Circus recording date 4th July 2017 Christian Frank & Paul Miller

The Lemon Circus recording date 4th July 2017 Christian Frank & Paul Miller

Playing tracks by

On The Buses, The East Coast Get Down Collective, Suzanne Vega, Walk The Moon, Marsheaux and more.

Chart positions

This show was 1st in the global comedy chart, 1st in the global news chart, 1st in the global community radio chart, 3rd in the global retro chart and 4th in the global oldies chart.

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Musical selections from our friends...
The East Coast Get Down Collective from
"Getting To Know You"
1) A special power The Queen should have...
2) Would you live in a house with a murderous past?
3) Find out What your horoscope has in store for you today / this week?
4) Would you send a naked selfie to the Doctor to help diagnose your condition?
5) Who or What was the last junk e-mail you received from/ about?
6) An interesting fact you learnt this week...
"Summer set lip to earth’s bosom bare,
And left the flushed print in a poppy there."
- Francis Thompson


Aga K.
Aga K.

do you add a ham to eggs with mushrooms ?

The Lemon Circus

Yes :) 🍄

Aga K.
Aga K.

1. Extend day by 5 hours to be able to listen to mixcloud,
2. No, it would be too sad for me,
3. hehe i prefer to listen to my heart :-)
4. I suffer only form a corn on the heel, this sure I would send,
5. Work with the case law - free training,
6. I am able to walk 150 km i 6 days,
Great show TLC! thanks for the messages, please keep on sending them, I still read it time to time and will be replying , you guys rock! Wow shut up and dance one of my all time fave, thanks, have a great day!!!

The Lemon Circus

(っ◕‿◕)っ♥  Thanks Aga


Does better late than never apply to MXC episodes / sets? Answer: yes.. because it's never too late to learn about the shaving habits of friends, or that Paul's hair dresser can't be trusted to shave straight. Local listeners may want to stay clear.. just saying.
1. The Queen or just Queens special power should to inspire people to be their best selves.
2. No.. not because of ghost but because living people could be trusted to 'let the past go'. That and I am a big chicken!
3. I can tell you that right now.. I am going to do something remarkable 'in bed' this week.
4. no.. I want the whole experience.
5. last week.. but is was text messages. Andy was drinking friends and they were too drunk to know how obvious their fake text(s) were.
6. I just learned that the Japanese were native to Japan. (I learn so much from you drunk bloats.. you are drunk while recording TLC aren't you?)
Good show lads.. now I am off to potty training class!

The Lemon Circus

I chuckled to #4 :)

White Lion Radio

A very entertaining show cahps, really enjoyed it.

Oh yes "On The Buses" theme, what a start to the show! Well done Paul on the new job. A long time since I heard "Marlene On The Wall", sounded quiet refreshing. Musically I thought "Shut Up And Dance" sounded a bit like U2. Kids can't use a Khazi when they start school, I bet they don't have a problem playing on a Game console!

Not seen the film "Sing" but have heard good reports about it, so it is fitting "Sing" won the Movie Review. Great closing track by Lucky & Love, the bass kicked ass!

Getting To Know You

1. To ban immigration
2. Yes, the past is the past so I don't see a problem with it
3. On the one hand, you're totally engrossed in your work for totally professional reasons. On the other hand, there's a certain authority figure that's been on your mind lately for totally unprofessional reasons. Well, now. Isn't this interesting? There's only one thing to do: Your job. Do it well, and do it thoroughly. And if you really have to ask an awful lot of extremely detailed questions just to make sure you're doing everything right, of course, well, that's just the way it is. Over lunch, maybe. (
4. No
5. A monthly pre-filled credit card application form
6. The queen has her own cash machine!


SUPER shows guys - Really enjoyed marathon listening - HEY Happy belated Birthday Christian hope the wife and kids served you like a king ; - Congrats to Jamie and Leni on two years united ; Paul Glad you pass the job as bus driver - : Cool stuff !! Will you be driving inner city or long haul ; Good movie reviews - What do you guys think of this flick - I am into this type of sci-fi movie It earned a 8 out 10

Joel Newnham

I see you've done a mixcloud charts treble. Congratulations! Well deserved. That's for Paul and the new job :). Lego Batman was a good film. Great to hear Midge Ure from Gary, he was as equally involved in Live Aid as Bob Geldof but today much less annoying.
1. To overturn overturns on democratically voted referendums, eg Brexit
2. I don't know my current address's history, maybe I already do. In past houseshares when loved up housemates suddenly said they had broken up with their girlfriends/boyfriends, was there more to those stories? The warden of my halls of residence at university once told me that they had 2 or 3 suicides per term.
3. "today's harmonious angle between the emo moon and liberating Uranus help you air your feelings"
4. No, I would just go and see him/her
5. Jobs I'm not interested in from
6. You don't see pigeons at the Wimbledon Championships anymore because they fear Rufus the Hawk.
Always love your shows guys :)

Joel Newnham

Suburbia by Pet Shop Boys was on Now 8

Joel Newnham

So the Queen has the power to sack the entire Australian Government. What about the British Government?

Joel Newnham

I've wrongly recieved a text from a mate's girlfriend. His name was Jon so he was next to me on her phone. The text was too vulgar to repeat, I had the decency to pretend the incident never happened.

Joel Newnham

You were taking about 9 year olds needing nappies. I heard from a head mistress about 10 years ago, that some parents don't toilet train their kids to get more benefits, it counts as a disability.