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The Lemon Circus recording date 25th July 2017 Christian Frank & Paul Miller

The Lemon Circus recording date 25th July 2017 Christian Frank & Paul Miller

Playing tracks by

The East Coast Get Down Collective, Enya, Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott, Peter Wilson, Talk Talk and more.

Chart positions

This show was 1st in the global comedy chart, 1st in the global news chart, 1st in the global community radio chart, 6th in the global oldies chart and 7th in the global retro chart.

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Musical selections from our friends...
The East Coast Get Down Collective from
"Getting To Know You"
1) I've opened a chocolate selection box - which one do you want?
2) How socially acceptable is it to itch your armpit?
3) Things you're unlikely to see reflected in C3-PO's head (Star Wars driod)?
4) What sweets and or drinks do you sneak into the cinema?
5) A dessert you've not had in years...
6) If each month had 28 days there would be 13 months - what would you name the new month and where would it go?
Next Week will be our 300th Mixcloud Upload 😍



HEY Fellas ...enjoying this upload ...It good to tune in this Sunday ;Had some over from LOndon and had to spend every day showing them around and cooking - Regarding the conversation with taking food into the movies ...we are more liberal over ; There's NO problem if you bring food from outside - we don't have cinema security personal coming around checking : Cinema food is to very expensive !!! - hAHAHA ..YOU didn't answer yes during the outro ...

White Lion Radio

Fidget Spinner, isn't it amazing how the simplest of things become the biggest and most popular thing for kids (and adults). Your too kind playing my cocked up intro! It does my head in when Cinema's say a film is on at a certain time, you get in there and have to put up with half an hour of adverts!!

I love Enya's music, have all her albums so thanks for playing "Book Of Days", enjoyed Paul Heaton & Jackie Abbot's track, Paul Heaton is a genius songwriter. The more I hear of Peter Wilson the more I like his music, pure pop with melodies, Talk Talk vastly underrated in the 80s.

Paul is getting worse at quizzes, I think you should buy him an encyclopdia to read Christian! Loved the lyrics on the Skinner & Twitch track "You're Always Right", loved Joel's review, fantastic!!

I would love to know how on earth Nicholas Cage has made a career in the movies??!! I'm looking forward to seeing the film "Dunkirk", heard a lot of good things about it and your review was very positive.

Dunkirk fully deserves the accolade of movie review of the week.

A bit late listening to the show and missed the cut off for "Getting To Know You", apologies for that.

An excellent showagain guys, well done.

The Lemon Circus

No worries Gary, better late than never :)

Joel Newnham

Thanks mate :)


1 Marzipane
2 There are worse things
3 N/A
4 Don't sneak
5 Blancmange
6 Simony

Joanne Louise Frank

1 Praline
2 itch anything anywhere just always be discreet
3 Felicity Kendal vaping, unlikely but not impossible
4 I buy the ice blast drinks in the cinema, who cares about price it's a treat. and toffee popcorn
5 tapioca or Semolina
6 Dietember and goes before August so we all have to lose some weight before the summer holidays
listening now,interesting dream about flying sticks, pauls cheap crisp deal perhaps you could tell the listeners each week where the best bargains are. local news made me check my vouchers make sure they don't expire. top local news about hold doors open for kinky folk. Going to go see dunkirk sounds great. good music in this show too congrats on your 299th upload xx

Guido's Lounge Café

Always enjoy the show my friends, and the music.. mmm.. love Enya... well done :)


(1) Caramel cream
(2) why not?
(4) I don’t eat or drink at the movies
(5) Tarte tartin
(6) Lemonary (of course). Month 13 – saving the best for last (or laughs?)

Congrats on the forthcoming upload 300. Let's shoot for 300 more..........

Joel Newnham

1. Caramel keg, hazelnut in caramel, hazel whirl, toffee finger, noisette triangle or something with praline in the name.
2. It's okay to scratch the fabric under your pit but it's not ok to undo one shirt button, put your hand right in and reach up.
3. An extra scratching his armpit
4. I don't, I love sweet popcorn but think the sizes are a bit extortionate.
5. Lemon curd because it makes me sick.
6. Joeluary and it would go between October and November for no specific reason.
Wow 299 shows, and that's just on mixcloud. You sure are dedicated, it's awesome. Long may it continue :)

Joel Newnham

I liked Split, it had James McEvoy in. I would recommend it.

Joel Newnham

Maybe pollution or global warming has killed off the wasps

Joel Newnham

Your 'Do you know who I am?' conversation reminded me of your David Beckham incident at the public baths Paul.