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The Lemon Circus broadcast date 8th June 2016 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan & Reg Meuross

The Lemon Circus broadcast date 8th June 2016 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan & Reg Meuross

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Dire Straits, Skinner & T'witch, Paul Simon, Rodriguez, Legends Of Country and more.

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This upload was 1st in the #comedy chart, 1st in the #news chart, 1st in the #interview chart, 1st in the #community radio chart and 4th in the #acoustic chart.

🎉 🎉 🎉 Our 800th Show 🎉 🎉 🎉 ... so please indulge us in this delightful double digest of epic proportions...

Musical selections from our friends...

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🎉 🎉 🎉
"Getting To Know You"
1) The worst gig you ever attended?
2) Fave Sci-fi TV show?
3) Do you know who 'Stan Lee' is?
4) What did you think of our interview with Reg, would you enjoy more Lemon Circus interviews?
5) Which celebrity would you buy a used endoscope from?
6) Who had the better choice in Sitcoms - Christian or Jamie?
A much more serious interview with Reg Meuross can be found here ->


White Lion Radio

By the way here is my All Time Top 10 Sitcoms....

1. Only Fools & Horses
2. Phoenix Nights
3. One Foot In The Grave
4. Bless This House
5. Keeping Up Appearances
6. Porridge
7. Mrs Browns Boys
8. On The Buses
9. Benidorm
10. Fawlty Towers

White Lion Radio

Well done on reaching 800 shows, that shows real dedication.

A whopper of a show so listened in 2 parts.

Sounded like Jamie had a bit of movement off the seam! Great interview with Reg, sounded a really nice chap with some interesting facts and stories discussed. A brilliant live session as well, "In Your Arms"...beautiful! By the way I think the film "Ray" was brilliant. Reg has certainly met some very big stars...Bob Dylan, wow! "Refugee" was quite a moving track. Love the questions you put to Reg, some crackers. "England Green" was a very pleasant track as well.

Good to see Steptoe in your Top 30 Christian, Young Ones never got them, New Statesmen another I never took to. Used to enjoy Hi-De-Hi. Sultans Of Swing, a brilliant track, also enjoyed "Sleeping Rough". Rosanne a no from me, same with cheers, the royle family was an excellent sitcom. Goodnight Sweetheart, another I didn't enjoy. A lot of American Sitcoms in your lists. Car Share is such a clever sitcom. Friends I thought was a womans show...sorry Christian. Some Mothers Do 'ave 'em, top comedy. Rising Damp another classic. Red Dwarf, never liked. Only Fools & Horses awful....Jamie hang your head in shame!!

Wouldn't have guessed Sheena Easton was a property magnate! I feel honoured to hear my message for your 800th show a few times!

Mrs Browns Boys, latched on to that late and really like it. Allo Allo didn't float my boat either. The Wonder Years?? Never heard of it! The Vicar Of Dibley, yep a good sitcom. Father Ted never watched, Dad's Army, very dated but good on its day. Porridge an absolute classic, Phoenix Nights would be Number 2 in my chart. Black Adder never really liked. Rosanne, haven't seen, Futurama, never seen! Sabrina... I remember that one. Fawlty Towers, brilliant. Never liked Rik Mayel. Golden Girls, some very strange choices Christian. The Simpsons, excellent, Fraser, never watched. You are on a roll with Prince tracks, although the track played sounded like it was recorded in the Khazi!

Getting To Know You
1. Midge Ure acoustic show, just didn;t work at all
2. Thunderbirds
3. Can't say I do!
4. Brilliant interview, yes do more
5. I would avoid one used by Mrs Brown!
6. Jamie by a landslide (for his top 10)


Professional interview -- Loved the depth of his character music ; epic show guys ; 0

Aga K.
Aga K.

Great great great TLC!!! super show, thanks

Josie Centeno

Awesome set.... Good music

DJ Lay Z
DJ Lay Z

Just finished the awesome relaxed interview with Reg. WOW what a cool and interesting guy (I must admit I hadn't heard him before) but what a voice! Congrats to Reg and congrats to Christian, great great great interview. I thought the mention of the NHS in his last song (which was great btw, along with the rest) was a subtle hint to Jamie, whatever was going on, he probably needs to go upstairs and get it looked at (har har har) - I see what you did there.
Now the good bit is done I gotta torture myself through the other two hours of low-ball nonsense ;)
HA! Of course I'm kidding, you guys are too awesome and I enjoy every second of your shows. I have been listening consistently but have kept on forgetting to comment.
CONGRATS on the 800 guys.. What an achievement, you guys deserve it all and then some. Much love from the US of A.

DJ Lay Z
DJ Lay Z

1. I really haven't attended any crap gigs. I'm trying to think, back in my festival days I definitely seen some uninteresting DJs, but not really a gig as such.
2. Red Dwarf ---- Rimmer Rimmer - hands down, seen them all easily 5 times.
3. Yes of course.
4. YES! Really enjoyed the casual nature of the first half. Shame Jamie couldnt' have been there (I still see what you did there). But it was great as well.
5. I wouldn't want to buy a used endoscope from anyone..
6. I'll follow up when I've finished the whole show.


Congrats on the nice round number of 800 shows.. no doubt you have enuf steam for another 800! Congrats!

Eve Greygoose

Hi Guys. Congrats on your 800th show. Listening to the first hour or so of the interview with Reg Meuross before I go over to Watton.. Its great. Very interesting and fabulous music. Loving his voice. Q&As The worst act I ever saw was Original Mirrors in the early 80s. They were pretty new and the 'warm-up' act for Roxy Music. It was just deafening noise. Along with many others I went outside still Roxy Music came on. They were fantastic and well worth staying around for. 2. I have no interest in sci-fi at all. 3. Stan Lee created some (if not all) of the Superheroes. I know this as my granddaughter was at ComicCon in London last week. She's Superhero mad! 4 The interview is great. 5 No-one. I've had one of those so I know where they go! ha ha.. 6 I havent got that far yet - I'll let you know. xx

DJ Lay Z
DJ Lay Z

Eve, we always always look forward to your doo wop segment every episode, my wife and I always comment how we were raised in the wrong era, your selection is always top notch. Thank you!
Maybe Eve Greygoose is the next interviewee?

Joanne Louise Frank

1) morrissey, thinking of how much it cost for the experience if he was cheaper maybe not so bad
2) star trek, quantum leap
3) yes
4)I'm listening just now - but I'll let you know if it's rubbish, shame Jamie missed him
5) morrissey can't think of any and I could sell it to christian
6) not heard them yet - will let you know but considering I know christian's chice and I'm happy with the comedy he watches I;ll safely say him but surely can't be a million miles apart