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The Lemon Circus broadcast date 5th February 2014 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

The Lemon Circus broadcast date 5th February 2014 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

Playing tracks by

TAKANOME, Second Hand Poet, Olodum, Bryan Adams, Aretha Franklin and more.

The Lemon Circus Awards Mixclouder of the Month February 2014 to...

Musical selections from our friends... ❤ Promo Gold Star Award

"Getting To Know You Wedding Special"

1) Where'd you like / did you get married?
2) Names you would/did choose for a boy & girl?
3) Should the woman keep her maiden name?
4) Who's first to know about the engagement?
5) Which DJ from Mixcloud would you hire?

"Once in awhile, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale."


Recess With Spinelli

I'ma gonna go straight to number 5: Do I get brownie points if I say "The Lemon Circus?" ;-) Some great DJs I've enjoyed on Mixcloud are Paula Healy, Tony Marks and Freshly Squeezed. I think I heard something about a Longbow at one point, had this on during work the other day. Custer, what to say about Custer....basically nothing good.

The Lemon Circus

You are also addicted to the 'Mr Men game' Mr Christian Frank. :)


: ) Yeah.. how comes I was not invited to this hospital party... Oh my god what a wicked intro by Takanome BIG UP MATE !!! Congrats.. to the love man DJ Roosticmam on Mixclouder of the month.. : )

1) I got married on a secluded beach in the south east side of the island at night with a full moon
2) Joshua and Naomi
3) : 0 ) ..if she becomes my property, she must take my name .... The term property was used before 1900's and evidence of the practice can still be found on some document issue to women in a few countries, but it is written in Latin
4) Father
5) what a conundrum.....
Thanks ..MR Jamie for the job : ) love you man !!
I really enjoyed the pick favorite was "Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by a second time ", but would never use it...hahaha Some of us guys,we don't need pick lines because Game recognize Game

Loved the show guys ..Thanks for Keep it strong as always

Philippe Delecheneau

Wow what a way to start my day!Thanks for the award lol (made me blush). Glad I can help a little promoting your great show. 1) Toulon, South of France 2) Can keep her maiden name if shorter than mine lol 3) Olivia & Alexandre 4) her parents 5) looks like Takanome is going to be busy lol. Keep up the good work guys! (Hope it works this time... Comment didnt appear yesterday


Late to the party this week (Fri night). Busy proofreading copy for the boss, grading papers and getting the G&M Valentine’s Day mix posted. Good intro; TAKANOME can do a DrJ party, where NONE of your pickup lines would be allowed. Gosh, those were dreadful. RE: Custer. You mean the trumpet player in my old band? Oh, the Indian fighter. Sorry, before my time, and I have no TV to do the necessary research:D!


1) First Time Enfield London 2nd Time Hong Kong
2) Names Callum, Daniel, Emma, Finlay (CDEF)
3) Her choice no issue for me either way but both took mine lol
4) Mum
5) Depends on the style I want to listen to as too many good ones to mention as i listen here to some amazing talents ,who I admire and respect, upside is if they are all booked I could always do my own thing !


Great Broadcast and maximum top intro by one of the best djs in mixcloud SIR Takanome,,,,, well done brothers


-No but i live with the same woman during more than 15 years yeahhhhh like a pinguin
-woman decided
-me of course

The Lemon Circus

Would you like to produce a 10-15 minute introduction for the show my friend areal nice soulful (famikly friendly) pop mix for the listeners of TLC (think about your valentine set - that is what we are looking for - pure entertainment) Let me know :)

Yadhi Mancini

What a great intro!!!
Takanome- my hats off to you!! Had me dancing....I would love a copy of this intro :)