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The Lemon Circus broadcast date 28th August 2013 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

The Lemon Circus broadcast date 28th August 2013 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

Playing tracks by

DJ Knord, The Marvelettes vs. Tone Loc, Matt Monro, Paul Anka, Bob Andy and more.

The Lemon Circus Awards Mixclouder of the Month September 2013 to...

Musical selections from our friends...

"Getting To Know You" section. For those new all you need do is answer the below questions

1) Tell me an amazing fact you have recently heard
2) What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?
3) What convictions would you be willing to die for?
4) What is your catchphrase?
5) What would you do if you won the lottery?
6) Leave YOUR own question for the next person (make sure you've answered any set already)

"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead"
- Oscar Wilde


CatAfrica Kzn

What can i say....except awesome show guys....
Lets meet cat from Africa
1. I only have one fact i live by, Practice makes perfect....its so true how can another be more important in life
2. The olden days had no color....sorry mom lol
3. Protecting my family i would die for my families protection.
4. My catchphrase "BITE ME"
5.There would be so many things i could do if i won the lottery, but for me children and animals need unlimited donations....even the aged....
My question......would you guys do an accent special from around the world...I find different accents so amazing like the way you said Rubbish i loved it..

The Lemon Circus

Our number 1 fan in South Africa :D Cat you round off all my thank-you notes, and there ahs never been a truer word - last but certainly not least - you would deserve top billing on anyones friendship list. Our paths cross with greetings, warmth and thanks - as it should be, so let us continue in that same vain - THANKS, and sincerest wishes to you our sister many miles apart, but with much affection - you represent my childhood in the Transvaal during the 80s, many good people rolled into one - you radiate their collective memories of a beautiful country filled with beautiful people - and let me tell you - YOU do the entire continent credit - God bless you always Cat, your number 1 fans in England :D

CatAfrica Kzn

Go kenya

Eve Greygoose

Great show again - you two would be a Wow at a party!! Jamie & the tongue-twister was a Classic. He should try one every week... Loved hearing about the holiday. Wow. I bet your kiddiwinks had lots to tell their friends about when they got home. That's a cracking postcard from Sao Paolo - imagine living there, eh... cute little drawing too. Interesting minimix featuring The Marvelettes. Loved it... Thanku for the mention again. Terry Parsons aka Matt Monro - great track. Strange how Englebert did the name thing the other way round - had a half decent name, Arnold Dorsey - and ended up with Humperdinck! Somehow it worked...Its a funny old world... Love playing the doo-wop tracks for you. It's such cool music. Got another 2 lined up you this week.... I must say its strange hearing my voice on your show though .. lol . Have a fantastic week - stay cool and take care. Sending lotsa luv from Suffolk xx

The Lemon Circus

Eve you are a legend - if I was to present a music show I would want to present yours - but you do it so well - and you know so much about the subject - I couldn't, I would just play the records for me - whereas you play them for everyone, including your number 1 fans here in Teesside - sincerely from the bottom of our hearts Jamie and I think the world of you. Never taken for granted with the doo-wops it's quickly became our radio shows furniture - keep doing what you do - it's very much appreciated and I know from the feedback we receive, the golden oldies are still enjoyed today as they were back then - you can't keep a good song down :) Have a great weekend Eve, speak soon

Eve Greygoose

Thanks Christian. I'm afraid there'll be a delay with my programme on Mixcloud this week. I had to see the dentist today, so voice-tracked the show yesterday. I need to take from the system onto a memory stick and can't do that til I'm next in... so bear with me, I'll get it at soon as I can get over there. Enjoy your weekend too x


strangest thing i believed as a child? that black and white movies..that time period,those people lived in black and white just like the movies.
the convictions i would be willing to die for? my savior jesus christ,i.e. my beliefs.
catchphrase? >.> One love but bobmarley said it first .he's dead so i still use it ;)

The Lemon Circus

Duckie - our paths have crossed very recently but I have taken quite a shine to your warm responses and the friendship you have extended to both Jamie and I. I reply and connect with many people on mixcloud and 99% of them I will not hear of again - so for an initial Hello, to having you grace the show with awsome comments and messages is a joy to see grow. yes we live in a futuristic world of the internet - but my soul is very much here and now - and I want to tell you in this moment - you are an extrodinary human who has touched us with your delightful spirit - shine wherever you are and know you are loved my friend - warmest wishes Duckie :) God bless

Sean Tonning

Woo hooo Wez! British Knight of the month!
1) A duck's quack will never produce an echo and scientists have no explanation for why this is.
2)I thought our hair was inside our skulls and as our brains grew, it pushed the hair out. Bald people had full sized brains.
3) Freedom, Global Enlightenment, a swift and abrupt end to the production of Nightcore music.
4) You need to not be so fussy.
5) Pay off house, cars, focus on music full time.
6) Do dolphins sneeze?

Always enjoy the chat. Props Mr. Knord!!

The Lemon Circus

You already knew Wez was a legend - but did you know he is the patron saint of Mixcloud - FACT! :D Thanks for the time Sean juggling so many different tasks in your life - work, family, music, and then listening to a couple of clowns and supporting our hobby. It is very humbling and noteworthy for me to reply to this comment - just so you know... I wholeheartedly mean both Jamie and I are appreciative of the time, effort and friendship you have shown - and heads up - your minimix starts our show NEXT week :) Take care until then my friend

Joanne Louise Frank

Eating a dead human is awful but should be lawful - see what I did?
The DJ Knord intro was actually very cleverly put together if you think about it - and very enjoyable
1) Not an amazing fact, but always impressed that the moon glow is just the reflection of our Sun - just on the other side of our world - amazing!
2) Tying shoelaces could be done by scrumpling them all into a ball - worked on the nursery slide :)
3) Boring answer - same as everyone else - family.
4) On the phone 'Fun and games' and 'thanking you' to anyone behind a till
5) Buy a big house - so big that I could ride a bicycle around in
6) Jamie's question - favorite part of my body... back of my head because I never get to see it.
7) My question: What is your signature dish (food or drink)?

Back on top form lads xoxo


I'm rushing about getting ready for a week in the Yorkshire Dales (pleasure not business), so unfortunately I do not have time to get involved with the latest Q&A. I thought you might like to know that I have recorded the show, so that I can enjoy it while I am away. Wishing Christian, Jamie and your worldwide audience a fantastic weekend and a good week.

The Lemon Circus

I mention you on the show this week under the heading "Best ever comments we have received" To go to that effort of recording - just to play back our show - serioulsy - you couldn't know what that done for my self esteem and confidence - that someone would do that just moved me :) OK I admit I'm a little bit soft when it comes to kind gestures - but David, you made my week. Even if you had recorded it and not told me - it would not have done what that effort in posting did - remember it is a powerful thing to elevate someone with a few kind words. i have felt it - it's great. Share the love my friend - stay safe and hope you have an amazing holiday (we guessed somewhere near Masham :D) Peace always

The Lemon Circus

You're thinking why respond on a week old show - well YOU kicked ass this week, but here you listened to your peers and took time in supporting what we are trying to create - that is just as important. Thursday is my day off rest with mixcloud - I step back watch the listen and bask in a job well done, that does not mean I am not able to reward those who have allowed that support to others - and you are a champion of supporting all those folk on mixcloud - it is a BIG thing you do my friend - it makes people feel good about themselves, build confidence, strengthen friendhsips, that is a HUGE thing - I see it, others see it - you are a vital cog - I salute you, and I even get to call you friend - be blessed with peace GMLAB always :)


You fellas came back in true form! Welcome back. Christian I am glad you found it in yourself to come back from your posh vacae to grace us with you buena onda. You do realize that you guys covered everything from spontaneous enemas, the classic--dumb ass- George W Segway fall to the vey real deadly fall of the Segway president (kinda blows the whole Karma thing to pots), 7 octillion atoms, to Sharknado! Now that's entertainment! Enjoyed that 'Souls to the coast' and 'Sincerely' trax. When I was a very young man (in m 20's) my friend David & I used to put on a M.A.S.H unit style routine mimicking The McGuire Sisters doing Sincerely while loading air freight into hulled out DC10s. Don't know why we didn't take that act on the road. We would have been big! But never as big as TLC show! Great show guys!

The Lemon Circus

icazo - I'm leaving messages for everyone and I come to you - and I almost feel flippant in leaving a response - but you know that is the sweetest compliment - I feel I can do just that, and you will understand - a quick YEAH CHEERS MATE - and then off, but you know you are more than that to Jamie and I and the whole collective thing that is the circus. I will be in touch real soon - but for now take my rushed response as much love and respect - ALWAYS ;D