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The Lemon Circus broadcast date 24th September 2014 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

The Lemon Circus broadcast date 24th September 2014 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

Playing tracks by

Rod Stewart, Pharrell Williams, Tommy James & The Shondells, Alan Parsons Project, Matt Monro and more.

Chart positions

This show was 1st in the global comedy chart, 1st in the global news chart, 1st in the global oldies chart, 2nd in the global community radio chart and 4th in the global radioshow chart.

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"Getting To Know You"
1 What percentage of a lottery win would you give to charity?
2 Favorite Fairy Tale story?
3 Best opening lyrics to a song ever...
4 Would you shoot an animal if it was going to kill someone climbing into their zoo enclosure?
5 Have you said Hello to our NEW friend...
Tell him The Lemon Circus sent you :)

“I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.” - Roy Croft


Recess With Spinelli

Dentistry seems to be a recurring theme on the Lemon Circus, those poor teeth. Loving the new Fratellis intro. Did a 6 hour Lemon Circus marathon at Work yesterday to catch up on what I missed from Switzerland ;-) 1. Depends on the winning amount. If it's $100, none. If it's 100k, I might consider giving some away....wait, forget that I've got student loans. 2. Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, Robin Hood, etc...Fun childhood stories of adventure 3. That's a challenge, there's too much pressure now, I can't think of one. 4. Why not just grab the guy going into the enclosure. Also, I'd shoot if it was a stun gun type thing. 5.Hello Thomas James NY!

Jamie's 'jolly' Jukebox

1. Difficult to say, it depends on what was won. Charities would benefit, but not before my family is sorted.
2. The Gingerbread Man
3. Last Time I was Sober, man I felt bad - worst hang over that I ever had. Dire Straites, Heavy Fuel
4. I wouldn't shoot it dead, but I'd put it out of action for a bit. You know, break it's legs, slap it about a bit.
5 No, but hello Mr James, nice to meet you. The Lemon Circus sent me.

White Lion Radio

Excellent show again guys with some good tracks played as well. The Graham Parson's track was excellent but a better version of that track has been recorded by Australian Synthpop band Parralox, whom have featured on my shows. If you want their version sending let me know. Always thought "Hideaway" should have been released as a single, one of my favorite tracks off "The Circus". Loved the Chill-out vibe of the track by Lady Isis, must get that one, can't say I have heard of her before.

Ah Switzerland, a place I would love to visit!

Getting to know you

1. Dependent on the win but would without a doubt give money to animal sanctuaries, they do a superb job!
2. Shrek! Does that count??
3. A no brainer for me this one "When routine bites hard, And ambitions are low" from Joy Divisions "Love Will Tear Us Apart".
4. No I would shoot the person trying to get into the enclosure!

The Lemon Circus

Just checked it out - great tune along with your comment from 10 months ago :)


Great show and getting to know you segment : It seem like everyone contributed . You can't help appreciating the fellowship : Hey.. My youngest is 8 years seldom join me when I tune into The lemon cirrus .. Does this qualify him ..hahaha : ) Take care and see you next week : OH yeah.. very nice O - N-B--B ICAZO


Friday night excitement in the House of Jazz is TLC (I’m easily amused and caught up on producing G&M shows) and plowing through 150 emails for work. The car-repair/dentist riff at the outset was hysterical. Re your singing..don’t quit the day job! Hey, hey..Dr J does the cooking at Chez Jazz (and the ladies go wild)! Happy chappies, indeed. Enjoyed the show, eased the tedium of working through those emails…Cheers, DrJ


1. 10% 2. Booty n the Beast :) 3. Hello Darkness my old friend 4. No I'd shoot the person :) Great show guys.. PS! I made the first one up although ya never know there probably is one called that :) Well its 4am and its Bedtime for me now... Shattered!

Thomas James NY

And thank you so much for the mention! Plus ...Eye in the Sky another classic pulled out of nowhere looking forward to the next show!!

Eve Greygoose

Hiya. I shall listen to the show while I'm on holiday - but before I go...
1. Oh I would give a large chunk of money to my favourite Charity, the East Anglian Childrens Hospices ... 2. "Heidi" - not sure if its a Fairy Story but its a lovely tale (and film) of Heidi and Peter... 3. I love to hear George Michael singing "Careless Whisper" - "I feel so unsure - as I take your hand and lead you to the dance-floor......" 4. I think I probably might... 5 No, not yet - but I will xx Off for some beauty sleep now, early start tomorrow for my hols... xx

John Hartmann

Thanks, I didn't see this upload. It's a Poppy song, good for the Lemon Circus.

Joanne Louise Frank

1) 40 million, then I could give away 10 million so 25% - winning 10 million maybe 20% to 2 million. Agree with others pay off debts across the family and safeguard the kids future, the rest should go to help others
2) The little Mermaid
3) The warden threw a party in the county jail.
4) Yes, but the idiot should be locked up forever for causing such a tragedy
5) Hello Thomas James!!! the lemon circus sent me... there done it
Great music this week, submitted my old new blue already. nice nose hair story christian. I think your show should have a year end appraisal from the listeners. hope your mam is fully better now jamie from the stroke, glad you were able to bring jokes about ventriloquist tourettes and farting ginger friends into the same medical issue not unlike nipples grafted onto eyelids xx the tiger story was quiet sad really that man looked like he needed help. top show the pair of you - best show in the world ever