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The Lemon Circus broadcast date 20th May 2015 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

The Lemon Circus broadcast date 20th May 2015 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

Playing tracks by

Brian Moore, Joy Division, The Wedding Present, Carole King, Graham Bonnet and more.

Chart positions

This show was 1st in the global comedy chart, 2nd in the global news chart, 2nd in the global community radio chart, 3rd in the global oldies chart and 16th in the global radioshow chart.

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Ringo from
Next Weeks (760th) 300th Stitch Show INTRO:

"Getting To Know You"
1 A Charity shop sign says '£1 for any CD' can they then charge you £2 for a double album?
2 If reading was calorific - how fat would you be?
3 What question would you ask Richard Gere if you met him?
4 Which way should toilet paper face you on a roll - over or under?
5 As a medical student would you accept 'peer physical examination' as part of the course? Buddying UP!
A to Z of Mixcloud
Q is for... Queen of Mixcloud


DJ Angel B! aka: Soulfrica

You guys kill me!!! LOL, Q-Tips will kill you! LOL love it! Great hearing you guys as it has been sometime! Nonetheless all is well and blessings to my friends across the pond!

Recess With Spinelli

Listening in during work today, my Dad enjoyed the mini mix.

1. Ask to clarify their marked prices.
2. Tangible books or internet articles? I read news and op-eds everyday, but I've been slacking on the great literature lately.
3. What's being 007 like?
4. Under
5. Depends who I get paired up with now, doesn't it!

White Lion Radio

A very enjoyable listen as always.

Jamie bring your better halfs Gran in the studio she probably doesn't get out much!!!

A very easy listening mix by Brian Muuuurrrrrrrr, especially liked "Daylight Katy", "Song for Sonny Liston" (A new Mark Knopfler track for me) and "Johnny Come Lately", not normally my type of music but as I say great easy listening music.

Way to much Sir Cliff talk on this show!!

Thank tou for playing "KLove Will Tear Us Apart", my all time favourite single. I remember The Wedding Present, didn't they release al album some years back that had a picture of George Best as it's front cover, might be wrong but will research!

I must say Carole King's version of Pleasant Valley Sunday was a bit more pleasing on the ears. "when I Go" was a good acoustic track, again never heard it before.

A movie review for you, this week we watched "Still Alice" about a 50 year old woman who suffers from Alzheimers. Very well acted main part by Julianne Moore, an absorbing account of how people suffer with this disease, ending was a bit strange but a cracking film 8.5/10

By the way I love 24 a fantastic series.

"Ivy covered House" was another pleasant acoustic driven track and a fantastic choice of Kraftwerk track, the masters of electronic music.

Strangely I like the music of The Shadows but do prefer the instrumentals they have recorded, I love "Wonderful Land", how about playing that track on the next show??

1. Sounds fair if they are a charity
2. Tend to have periods of reading books, then a spell not reading them so I would remain the same.
3. Can you please take that smug look off your face??
4. Definitely roll over
5. I wouldn't want to be poked by any instrument!!


Hey Mate -Over in the West Indies when eating hot spicy food it is usually served with a ripen banana : the sweetness of the fruit helps to diminish the intensity of the hot spice :
1) NO - buy the purchasing act and the of the record label - this constitute one CD or recoder :
2) Still the same 29 size waist and XS - to small sliming fitting dress shirt
3) I really don't know - I think - how much he earn on the movie "The Jackel " I am not really a celebrity life style enthusiast an could careless
4) OVer - !! it makes it easier for you to contaminate the slots of paper you are going use to whip :)
5) Yes it would give me pleasure to study the contours : ) of partners body if it be a woman I am teaming up with and a very attractive one ;

Great Show


Brilliant show again lads, thanks for the laughs a the friendship, you know it's feel such an honour to be providing the intro mini mix for this coming week, have a great weekend and catch you next week, much love :)))


..did you stop to think Morrissey couldn't get back-up, so he had to lay there and sing? What used to be cool & moody, may now just be immobility.

iCazo are totally right.. I didn't realize that the whole toy thing began with a "thought" from Ashton Kucsher.. who's a total shower. See what I did there (' ; Good show guys!


Thanks for playing the 31 carat Gold mini mix intro, As for my Facebook photo, I was not trying to copy Cliff, As I had my Albert Hammond souvenir T-shirt underneath the pink shirt. which my wife Siobhan bought for me. Enjoyed the show, Carole King writing Pleasant valley Sunday, what a great song, only familiar with the Monkees Version. Have a great week.
Regards from Dublin, Brian Moooooooooore!!!!!!!!!!

Huas 303
Huas 303

Lot's of fun again guys. yet another great show.

Sonia Loris

Thank you for these moments of music and laughter :)

Joanne Louise Frank

1 no, you should just explain that it is priced £1 and there is no mention of £2 on the sign, but if you really want it and it is for charity just pay for it anyway
2 I would be a yo-yo dieter, sometimes I read constantly autobiography after another and then I can go a while without the need, probably 'fatter' in winter when there's less to do
3 why don't you defend yourself from silly allegations that make the lemon circus snigger, is your silence an admission of guilt?
4 over, easier to grab
5 no, sounds intrusive and dirty - are there not enough patients that need help rather than sticking instruments up each other. sounds grim
Christian is a 10/10 man but he does walk like a chicken xx you both voiced one another extremely well I must add :D top top show loved the music too great mix