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The Lemon Circus broadcast date 1st June 2016 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

The Lemon Circus broadcast date 1st June 2016 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

Playing tracks by

Aretha Franklin, Darren Hayes, Skinner & T'witch, Cirlcle Of Reason, Paul Simon and more.

Chart positions

This show was 1st in the global news chart, 2nd in the global comedy chart, 2nd in the global community radio chart, 3rd in the global retro chart and 6th in the global oldies chart.

The Lemon Circus show 799

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"Getting To Know You"
1) Which Celebrity hand would you happily use as an ashtray?
2) What Google image did you last look for?
3) If desperate, would you use your dogs meat flavoured toothpaste?
4) How would you protect your property 'Home Alone' style from trespasses?
5) A good or bad name for a pet (perhaps based on a friend or colleague)
6) Any listener may leave us a warm wish for our 800th show next week here ->




DJ Lay Z
DJ Lay Z

The bottomless glass fiasco... Let me explain.
All restaurants over here do bottomless soda, tea, coffee etc.
We went to a great barbecue place when my mum and dad were here last (Famous Daves if they want to sponsor the show). Mums Pepsi was down to like a quarter and the waitress took it (to refill it) and my mum started going off "IM NOT FINISHED". So I had to quickly shut her up and explain how it goes. She was embarassed.

The Lemon Circus

I'm waiting for some baby news... :)

White Lion Radio

5,000 miles in a month Jamie, crikey! £475 for fencing, how big is your garden?? You did the best thing putting your own up Christian. Good to hear "Save A Little Prayer" I actually prefer the Bomb The Bass version. Jamie you need to work on the Paul Daniels impression. Darren Hayes track was good, definitely sounded like Savage Garden.

Look forward to the Top 20 Sit-Coms

Movie review for you, this week the film is "Public Enemies" from 2009. It stars Johnny Depp as an American Gangster (John Dillinger). The film is abour The Feds trying to take down notorious American gangsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd during a booming crime wave in the 1930s. Really enjoyed this film and Johnny Depp was brilliant in a roll that is outside his comfort zone, a solid 8/10.

"Ride Captain Ride" was a good song, never heard it before. Great closing Prince track, I vaguely remember this one he did with Sheena Easton....whatever happened to her??

Getting To Know You

1. David Cameron, if I smoked I would love to stub out my cigs on him!
2. Pictures of Irlam Live 2016 (A new music festival in my town) I didn't go but they had Billy Ocean headlining Saturday night and Tony Hadley top of the bill on Sunday.
3. I think not, unless it was mint flavour of course.
4. Lights that came on at different times each night, music player coming on if somebody stepped on the driveway (Triggered by sensor) And the odd explosive device.
5. I know 2 different people that have called their dogs "Frank"....what is that all about!!
6. Will do!

White Lion Radio

Message has just been sent re your 800th show.

The Lemon Circus

Thanks Gary you're a star :)


: 0 ) I agree ..You can't be a good reviewer of movies with you are falling asleep Jamie ..hahaha ; we are starting to question your reliability- here are three movies i must see - as I am an Adventurer film freak
Great Show guys ; 0 )

Jay Woodward

Ahhh ... Deeper Than Deep, takes me back! Great show guys!

Jamie's 'jolly' Jukebox

This is my 640th show out of 799 presented shows! Big celebration for 646th!!

1. Tasmin Authwaite for no reason specially.
2. The Northern Irish flag inspired by this show
3. As it can only be sold if it is fit for human consumption and if it was out of desperation then yes. I've tasted cat meat. Not out of desperation but morbid curiosity, wish I hadn't. #rank
4. TNT
5. Poppy. Stupid stupid name that was given to our latest addition we gave a forever home to, Noobie. Ohh, and there is Sox - highly original for a tabby cat with white paws. Still stoopid.
6. As I will be in the show it is yet to be decided.


will listen to this on the way back home xx

Joanne Louise Frank

funny, funny show - howling here
1 they've have to be dead first - is that right? Prince, have a little ashtray. Bowie would be ironic because he died from smoking
2 chew stress toys for children
3 say I was stranded on an island type situation then yes otherwise I'd risk perhaps a month of sensible eating to avoid cavities
4 a huge mouse trap, baited with some copper wires for the pikeys to steal
5 Christian for a dog that sniffs itself
6 not brave enough - but congrats to you both for your stamina xx

Janet Mckinlay

Brilliant set thankyou

Josie Centeno

Great set... Nice one... Thanks