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The Lemon Circus broadcast date 15th January 2014 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

The Lemon Circus broadcast date 15th January 2014 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

Playing tracks by

D-FUNCT, Hil St Soul, Demis Roussos, Michael e, Fatboy Slim and more.

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Our 100th Upload here on Mixcloud♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸

The Lemon Circus Awards Mixclouder of the Month January 2014 to...

Musical selections from our friends... ❤

"Getting To Know You - Dating Questions Special"

1) What sort of vacations do you like to take?
2) Do you like your job?
3) Are you a morning or a night person?
4) Is there anything you don't eat?
5) What charity do you feel closest to?
6) Leave YOUR own DATE question for the next person


Ms Skyrym
Ms Skyrym

super super show.... Loved it guys :D....

Recess With Spinelli

Great show, amazing intro and congrats on the 100th upload! So many things to which I could relate in this show, like having a leaky gas tank while filling up at the gas station! Also, creepiest voice for a kids toy. Didn't we hear a witch story on you Halloween episode? I think I'm sensing a theme. Fatboy Slim is always a great listen! Also Solomon Northup (the historical character from "12 Years a Slave") lived in Saratoga.

1.) Vacations?
2.) Sure
3.) Can vary
4.) Probably something French...
5.) Salvation Army
6.) Bieber or Black Keys? Choose your answer carefully.

Eve Greygoose

Hi Guys - caught the rest of the show today - brill! Loved the music again - especially Frankie Miller - took me back to the 70's that did! Yes I really do know the peeps at the HBA - having worked at a now defunkt Hospital Radio Station in Suffolk for 18 years, walking the wards and Presenting, as you do... Vacations for me equal sun, sea and good food! I'm definitely a Night person (just don't do mornings - I was always late for the school bus!).. I don't eat Garlic - yuk... and support our local St Nicholas Hospice here in Bury St Edmunds..... Have a good week both of you. Take care xx

DJ Lay Z
DJ Lay Z

Apparently the enter key doesn't work.. oops

DJ Lay Z
DJ Lay Z

1) Somewhere I haven't been yet, although my last vacation ended up being permanent! I like vacations that require jumping on a plane.
2) Very much so, I get to work in my office in my house in a small town looking out at the mountains and lake, and rule the world in the meantime.
3) Night person, no thought required.
4) Brussel sprouts, and anything that is soggy, it's a long story involving being forced to eat day old weet bix.
5) Probably my church.
6) Totally agree niggagod, nothin like that :)
7) What is more romantic, a home cooked dinner or a fancy restaurant?

DJ Lay Z
DJ Lay Z


A great, GREAT GREAT show as usual, I laughed out loud, literally so many times. This is better than anything available here, I really miss good ol' British banter, good job ol' chaps!

Okay, yep, the mars bar/milky way fiasco, YES, it's absolutely true, chocolate or 'candy bars', are so different here. And usually have more salt than in Europe. Oh yeah, and the USA have a crazy obsession with peanut butter.. in cholocate bars... yuck! I actally get my mum to send me 'Boost Bars', my personal favourite.

The old WC's here usually only have one flush, I am yet to see a 'tinkle/meatloaf's daughter' combination buttons. (LOVE it). save water? heck no! And yeah, the 'man' can't trust people to flush behind them so almost all public places have automatic sensors, you don't even have to put your hand up, it just knows when you're there and then when you leave and psssshhhhhhhhhhhh.

Great show, Great music... thanks thanks thanks

Have a great week guys.

The Lemon Circus

Australian Cadbury's Cherry Ripes is what the world needs :D

DJ Lay Z
DJ Lay Z

Dang, you know what, now I want a Cherry Ripe.. bad!


Not sure I'm thrilled with all aspects of the new Mixcloud design, but thankfully, TLC has not been reconfigured. Greatly entertaining this week. Good bits and good music. DrJ

Rudy Carrera

Christian, it seems you grew up in much the same way I did. The world is an interesting place. Music has stayed a passion of mine throughout my life simply because it opens up new worlds, and with that, new ways of thinking. I've had the pleasure of living in quite a few nice places, and I've met a good number of people, musicians and non-musicians, who have made life not only bearable, but a pure joy. Many thanks, as always, for the good letters and wonderful podcasts.




Congrats on your 100th upload guys :) Enjoyed the show yet again! It was a bit weird listen to this show probably because of the time I played it (Around 4pm) As I was driving down the M6 listening to your show I started to go into a bit of a strange place. Let me explain this feeling...... Remember when you used to sit on the carpet in School for story time? And as you sat there listening to the teacher you kinda when into a day dream type state. It felt exactly like that... Weird I know but that's how it made me feel. That first doo wop track by our lovely Eve reminded me of an Elvis Presley track called "Little Darlin" See you next show :) All the best to all your listeners x