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The Lemon Circus broadcast date 10th September 2014 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

The Lemon Circus broadcast date 10th September 2014 Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan

Playing tracks by

Slade, MidgeUre, Status Quo, Erasure, The Fratellis and more.

The Lemon Circus Awards Mixclouder of the Month September 2014 to...

Musical selections from our friends...

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue ->

URGENT appeal - please drop us your Old, New, Borrowed, Blue requests here at Mixcloud - yes YOU!

"Getting To Know You"
1 What is the habit you are proudest of breaking or want to break?
2 What is your favorite commercial? describe it.
3 Have you won any medals / trophies? What for?
4 The last DVD boxset you watched?
5 On a scale of 1 to 10 how much did / do you like your career?

"All I ever heard when I was a kid was, “why can't you be more like your cousin Sheila?” And Sheila had died at birth."
- Joan Rivers (1933 – 2014)


Chloe M Gosling

This. Is. Hilarious.

Leni's Rant of the Week

1. I'd rather not say this one - rather embarrassing!
2. To describe it, a man and a woman sat watching TV when he asks "do you want a cup of tea?" and the response was irratically shouted back. It was for an item that is needed every so often by some people!
3. Yes, dancing competitions
4. Twighlight
5. About a 2 at the moment.

Eve Greygoose

Oh, interesting version of "Chains" by The Cookies. It's on The Beatles first album. John, Paul and George all join in the vocals on that one! xx

Eve Greygoose

Hi Guys. Its Wednesday night, just gone 11 O Clock and I've only just heard this show from last week! Been mega busy, spent soooo much time helping my grand-daughter clear her flat, as she goes to Uni on Friday... Thankfully she's got in at Cambridge (doing Adult Nursing) so won't be too far away. Great show as always :D and I'm so pleased you enjoyed the doo-woppy tracks. Got another 2 crackers lined up for this week. Off to bed now. Hope your week is going well. Oh and I must say its nice to hear the dulcet tones and chuckles of Jamie again. Take care xxxx

Yadhi Mancini

1 What is the habit you are proudest of breaking or want to break? I enjoy helping and doing things for others.
2 What is your favorite commercial? I like all he sexy Carl's Jr commercials ;)
3 Have you won any medals / trophies? What for? Yes for Dance & Cheer....back in my younger days
4 The last DVD boxset you watched? Sex & The City seasons
5 On a scale of 1 to 10 how much did / do you like your career? 8

Thanks for making my week!! You guys are beyond awesome!!!


Hey guys ... so glad you liked the walkie talkie message; The link you supplied is cool ...absolutely love it.... Thanks for reply message .. always great hear the voice of my dear friend . GREAT SHOWS GUYS ; 0 )


good dad -can you play me a birthday song?

White Lion Radio

A brilliant show and my daughter Charlotte was made up she got a mention and thanks for mentioning the Maximum 80s show and WLR, greatly appreciated.

Once again guys thanks for including my choices on old, new, borrowed & blue, they all fitted in superbly with the show. I had no idea Skweeze Me Pleeze Me was Slade's 5th Number 1! You certainly have done your research, especially on Midge Ure, I have read his autobiography which is an excellent read by the way. "Paper Plane" certainly brought back some memories. Wow that Mexican bands track does sound like "Blue Savannah".

I hated wagon wheels as a kid and still do, in fact do they still make them?

The irish accents are improving and it was great to hear Billy Connolly and one of the guys from the Dorito's advertin the studio!

I thought the new Holly Johnson single was really good, first time I have heard it.

Your catacombs discussion was interesting, many years ago I wen't in the catacombs in Rome, it was part of a 7 mile section underground, it was an experience and a half which also included an old Roman Church that was underground and it was in fantastic condition, the other striking thing about the church was it was very small.

A couple of suggestions for "Getting To Know You". The last DVD Box set I watched was "Prison Break" which was superb from start to finish, if you haven't seen it get it, you won't regret it!

The one habit I want to break is not being able to sleep!

Thanks for a very entertaining 2 hours.

Gary (WLR)

Jamie's 'jolly' Jukebox

1. Quickly shaking my head side to side to side. Weird, I know.
2. There are many adverts from yesteryear Thai like. The ones I do like are the Skills series of ads, look:
3. 10 metres breast stroke
4. Scrubs for the umpteenth time
5. Negative numbers?? I did give it a 7 or 8 and really enjoyed going to work, I would say 2 now.


Great show guys!