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  • 3 years ago
Why We Struggle

Why We Struggle

Well gang I had a couple of days off and it gave me some time to think. Most people don't know this, but when I get time away from the office I typically come up with some new hair-brained idea or new concept I want to share. I think it's because my brain is freed up from the normal day to day problems I typically deal with and it's when you're thinking about something the least that you have a breakthrough.
One of the things that I had been struggling with since our discussion last week about economics was the idea of "fundamentals don't matter". I got some blow back when I made that statement last week and although I knew it was provocative I also knew I was right. But how do you explain a complex economic idea like human sentiment in such a short period of time. Answer: you can't.
So I started writing the outline of a new paper I've loosely titled "The Theory of Individual Sentiment". In this paper I'm going to attempt to share my thoughts on where modern economists go wrong and the