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  • 3 years ago
Peter Schiff : Oracle or Fraud

Peter Schiff : Oracle or Fraud

I'm going to take heat from this and that's ok, but I'm sick and tired of every prognosticator who calls for the end of the world running to a camera every time we see the market crack.  
There are very serious, systemic problems with our global economy right now but that doesn't mean the total collapse of the dollar and a meltdown of our financial system is right around the corner. 
If countries like Japan have taught us anything it's that these types of problems can fester for decades while currencies strengthen and markets do well. Yet guys Like Peter Schiff spend their entire lives screaming "The sky is falling." and every 10 years or so they end up being right. 
Today I'm going to talk spend some time talking about the danger of listening to these "Oracles" when making investment decisions. If you listened to Schiff for example and bought gold in 2012 you'd be down about 40%.  
What really matters is sentiment not fundamentals.  We might all see that the house is on fire, but know