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  • 3 years ago
I've Lost all Understanding of the Republican Voter

I've Lost all Understanding of the Republican Voter

I feel like I don’t understand the Republican party anymore.
More to the point I feel like I no longer understand the Republican voter. Sure I understand what they claim to stand for, but I find their current support for the leading Republican candidates to be mind boggling.
Think back to 2008 and President Obama’s campaign. He was running on Hope and Change. Two ambiguous terms that held no real meaning save what someone applied to them. I remember listening to talk show hosts, and broadcasters complain about the Democrat voter suggesting they were mindless robots who were voting not based on the “issues” but simply on emotion.
Now fast forward to 2015. You’ve got the leader of the Republican presidential race running on a platform of “making America great again.” What does this mean? Who knows. How is he going to do it? He apparently has no real plan. When pressed on the issue he simply says, “I’m just going to do it.” And Republican voters LOVE him for it.
Explain the difference to