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  • 3 years ago
Government Waste and the Ben Carson Controversy

Government Waste and the Ben Carson Controversy

I'm going to get a little heat for this episode. That's okay, it needed to be said. 
Ben Carson recently came out with some statements about what he would do if confronted with a mass shooter. He said he would charge the gunman. That's easy to do while wearing a suit and talking to reporters. But charging the machine gun nest is a lot harder to do when you've got bullets cracking over your head. 
It brings up an important point about human nature. As much as we would all like to believe we're John Rambo, must men are cowards. Most men when placed in the situation of the Oregon students would have reacted the same way. Duck, hide and prey you don't end up a statistic. 
As much as Dr. Carson might like to believe he's a hero, it really is impossible to know how you would react until the bullets start flying. 
I'm also going to talk to day about the difference between agreement on the "issues" and agreement on "principle".  Many times as libertarians we will find ourselves in agreement on