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Nazi Occultism, Then and Now (re-broadcast)

Nazi Occultism, Then and Now (re-broadcast)

The Hermetic Hour  will feature a discussion by host Poke Runyon on the controversial subject of Nazi Occultism, its origins and predecessors, and its present day revival in "The Cult of the Black Sun". We will explore the early influence from the Theosophy of H.P. Blavatsky, the development of the "Ariosophy" movement in Germany between the world wars, the Thule Society of Sebottendorff, Himmler and his Runemiester Wisethor, the fascination with Central Asia, and The Polar Myth. We will debunk the "Spear of Destiny" and other Nazi spook books that were more fiction than fact. We will also de-establish the connection an opportunistic European-American magician is trying to make between the G.D. and Nazism. This is a hot topic and an alarming subject. No matter what your views on it may be, if you are involved in occultism you need to know about it -- so, tune in and we will spend an hour on the dark side.