Radiogumbo №19: Jesus Jazzus

Radiogumbo №19: Jesus Jazzus

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Radiogumbo №19: Jesus Jazzus
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This week's #radiogumbo trespasses into mysticism: Sun Ra's music shines a light on the otherwise grey and cloudy Berlin; "Light in the Underground" exhibition by Carolyn June Gates & Tina Pack (Cologne) is profiled; and we play some of the music recorded at the Greenhouse residency the past week: Alex Kozmidi, Dario Chillemi, Liudas Mockunas/Christian Meeas Swenson/Hakon Berre are featured throughout, as well as the artistas speaking the Word of Jesus.

"Light in the Underground" is an installation / exhibition by Tina Pack and Carolyn Gates (Cologne), featuring ceramics/sculptures and paintings, which reflect upon spirituality and especially New-born Christianity, that eschews dogma and follows the heartfelt intuitive path of faith.


Playing tracks by Alex Kozmidi, Sun Ra Arkestra, Sun Ra and his Arkestra, Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra, Dario Chillemi and more.




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