Radiogumbo №18: Illusion of Change

Radiogumbo №18: Illusion of Change

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Radiogumbo №18: Illusion of Change
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Illusions. Changes. Illusion of change? Change of illusions? Mutro Art Group (Tim Makszmenko and Vano Say) are exhibiting their work at the Plateau Gallery, 8th floor of the Greenhouse, October 12th - 18th with Radiogumbo curating the musical programme. Here are some excerpts of the live recording sessions that have already taken place, as well as a handful from the days before. Japan / Hong Kong / Australia / Germany / Canada / USA are the sources for our sonic gumbo ingredients this time around on #radiogumbo. And a discussion on the nature of change and illusion with artists from Hong Kong and Ukraine.


Playing tracks by Adam Goodwin / Tatsuya Ryusui, Julius Gabriel / Nicola Hein / Antti Virtaranta / Niklas Wandt, Peter Van Huffel / Frank Paul Schubert / Meinrad Kneer / Christian Marien, Pales, Berlin meets Hong Kong meets Illusion of Change and more.