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#8292: How Anita Can Make Her Own Success Story

#8292: How Anita Can Make Her Own Success Story

Hour 1: Aired on Friday, July 15, 2016   - Anita (Raleigh, NC) hears success stories on Dave's show and wants to change her behaviors to have her own success story. - Reggie (Little Rock, AR) wonders if his credit score will go away if he leaves his corporate credit card open. - Kent (Boise, ID) is concerned about his wife, who has hidden debt from him and is making questionable money moves. - Sandra (Tampa, FL) asks how soon she can buy a house after coming out of bankruptcy. - Steve and Tracy (Detroit) are debt-free after paying off $100,000 in 20 months! - Melanie (Fresno, CA) is retiring soon and wants to know if she should stop putting money into her Roth IRA. - Dave reads a Twitter question from Chris, who asks if it's alright for newlyweds to have separate accounts for miscellaneous spending. - Kenyetta (Dayton, OH) has a new baby and lots of debt, and she’s wondering what to do.