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Adventures: 7 Nov. '14

Adventures: 7 Nov. '14

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This upload was 8th in the #community radio chart and 9th in the #comedy chart.

This is my new series called Adventures.

In this episode:

• My trip to the Tower of London to see a unbelievable number of poppies
• A pumpkin disaster
• I talk about Christmas things

You can watch the John Lewis advert here:

I'll try to read out as many of your comments as possible in the next episode.

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Do not be fooled, my new young friend. Do not be fooled into believing that those poppies represent what you're told they represent. I don't wish to foist my beliefs on you, but I'd like to encourage you to question what you're told - NEVER be obedient, for blind obedience begets morality. ALWAYS question authority. Remember: -

MORALITY is doing what's RIGHT, regardless of what you're TOLD.

OBEDIENCE is doing what you're TOLD, regardless of what's RIGHT.

Did you watch the British Legion video, the one with Joss Stone…? The song they used is called 'The Green Fields of France', and it was composed by Eric Bogle. It's about the first Armistice Day but, very sadly, the British Legion chose to subvert (you know what that word means, don't you…?) its message. By completely omitting the last verse, they turned a beautiful - insomuch as a song about war CAN be beautiful, I think it can - and haunting anti-war elegy (that means a song of lament) into pro-war propaganda. If you search for 'The Green Fields of France' you'll find the original poem. Needless to say, Eric's family are VERY angry at what the BL has done (I don't say 'Royal British Legion' because I'm a republican. Means I think having a royal family and a queen or king, is silly. Did you know that your parents GIVE the royal family money…? Everyone who pays tax does. They don't need our money, they've lots and lots of their own, don't you think that money would be better going to those who really DO need it…?).

How old are you, Dan…? It's difficult for me to tell from such a small picture, but I'm guessing you're in Year 6 or 7. No, wait, you must be Year 8, because you need to be at least 13 to join Twitter.

Http:// - this is the website for the Stop The War Coalition, which was founded by Tony Benn (you'll probably not know who he was, I say 'was' because he died in April) as a pacifist response to the first Gulf War (which you're DEFINITELY too young to remember, it was in 1991). I'm giving you this, not because I'm attempting to indoctrinate you with my pacifist views, but so you have a balanced picture.

Keep smiling, kid. And NEVER STOP LEARNING. Be curious. Ask questions and, if you don't get the answers you're after, ask more questions, or ask the same questions of different people.