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The Barbara Niven Interview

The Barbara Niven Interview

Actress Barbara Niven discusses her groundbreaking role in filmmaker Nicole Conn's 2012 movie "A Perfect Ending", discusses dreams, age and more.


Paula Mota

Dana you were the perfect interviwer! Great questions! Boss, you are just a wonderful sexy soul in side out! lol I wish everybody had your knowledge and your gutts...God bless you! Thank you for this enterview! And i really hope people stop feel the need to label was a movie with a love story...period...

Roselle Ellesor

Fabulous. Thank you Dana, I love Barbara. :)

Virginia Calderon

I thought the interview was so good and how lovely is Barbara Niven. Great job.

Robin Reed

Great interview Dana! I already Love Barbara Niven.....and I Love even more after your interview. Thanks! Awesome job!

Ana Paula Brás

A wonderful interview!!! Barbara Niven, If I admired you before, I was even more your fan after this interview, if it's possible. Your great energy and immense sensitivity, revealing your strong personality were perfectly portrayed here, thanks to the clever and relevant questions of the great Dana Brenklin. You are strong and vulnerable at the same time, your authenticity dazzles me!!!
Many thanks to you and to Dana... I'm so proud of you both, I'm so proud to belong to #DreamersNetwork and to be in the midst of so many brave and supportive people!!! Much love <3


Oh Boy what an Interview...The energy that I could feel from your words Barbara Niven just blow Me away...The world wouldn´t be the same with out the beauty of your soul and talent...My life wouldn't be the same without your Inspiration....Loved It ...I wish I could bring u to our national television here in Portugal...I am so positively sure that many of Portuguese would feel overwhelmed by your Words...If there is a Forever I wanna see u there...Hugs Hugs to fellow dreamer Dana Brenklin too for the wonderful job and welcome to the #DreamersNetwork

Melinda Paradis

Congrats on such a wonderful interview Dana! I'm so proud of you! xo


Dana, thank you for a wonderful interview and experience. You were incredibly well-prepared and put much thought and heart into it. It shows how much you care about what you do, which will take you far. I am a huge fan of yours! Thanks for the inspiration, and keep making your dreams happen! We Dreamers have to stick together. xo #DreamersNetwork

The Dana Brenklin Radio Show

Barbara, you just made my day, my year with this comment. I was already over the moon that you graced my show and enjoyed yourself, introduced me to a great bunch of people with your #DreamersNetwork, but now you have just outdone yourself. I was already a fan from way back to "The Perfect Neighbor", now I am just honored to know such a talent and real person in such a fake business. thank you so much for everything. Blessings to you and yours and thank you for always giving us such great work. db :) #DreamersNetwork #TheDanaBrenklinRadioShow

Debra Mason

Loved it! Barbara was deep and inspirational! REAL is what she is! It's nice to know that all Actors in the industry are not into themselves. Kindness is what makes the world go round! So glad to know that you, Dana and Barbara are making the world better with your presence and your actions!

Verna Burton

Welk, I felt as though I was in the company of real Royal Divas. Ms.Niven is the consummate professional. To hear her speak is pure heaven. But, also, you are the ultimate interviewer. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥