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  • 4 years ago
163 – The South of Britain Grows Restless

163 – The South of Britain Grows Restless

There’s a shift that’s happening in Anglo Saxon politics that’s occurring… we’ve had powerful queens in the Anglo Saxon kingdoms (especially in Mercia, where Queens were more powerful than most).  But something is happening in Wessex that will impact around the next several hundred years.  West Saxon Queens were getting demoted.  Women on the throne, or next to it, were no longer referred to as Queens in Wessex.  They were merely Ladies or the King’s wife.

But why did that shift happen?  Well, we’re given a story by Alfred the Great’s personal biographer, a Welsh monk by the name of Asser, who we will be talking about more as our story progresses.

Asser tells us about Eadburh of Wessex, the daughter of King Offa of Mercia and wife of King Beohtric of Wessex as a way of explaining this cultural shift.  According to Asser, Eadburh was the bride from hell.  We’re told she was like Cersei Lannister on steroids and that she saw enemies everywhere and often demanded their exile or ex