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  • 4 years ago
138 – Religious Lives in Britain

138 – Religious Lives in Britain

Alright, so last week we talked about how uneven and confused the conversion of Britain was. And how the beliefs of one village might not bare all that much similarity to the beliefs of another village even though they both might profess to worship the same god.

Well, what about the people who’s job it was to worship and evangelize that god? What about the men and women of the cloth? Sure, as we learned last week, monasteries in many ways were a bit like snowflakes and even worse, simply because someone held the title of “priest” it was no guarantee that he would even know what the 10 commandments were… or even that there were 10 commandments. Father Unferth might have been professing the 7 Polite Suggestions, for all we know. “I am the lord, thy god… and I would appreciate it if you would write from time to time. But if you’re too busy, I understand.” And back in the alcohol episodes, we talked about the staggering amount of booze they were allotted.

But we haven’t talked a