The Final Big Saturday Night Show (Syndicated) 22-08-2020

The Final Big Saturday Night Show (Syndicated) 22-08-2020

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The Final Big Saturday Night Show (Syndicated) 22-08-2020

Well what a night, a real mix of emotions. It was the final Big Saturday Night Show as a syndicated show, its not gone completely so don't worry. 5 years ago I started this show on one station, and then had a mad idea to share it live on as many station as I could. 5 years later and many great hours of radio we are at this point of saying goodbye to all them stations, its been so much fun but sadly that has had to come to an end, family comes first. I was join in the studio for this final show by my good friends Jason & Nicky. We dug out all the old features we played across all 5 years. Listen back and join us for a mixed bag of music & features like Disco Throwback, The In It To Win It Minute, Two Word Tango, etc. Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of this for all them years, we are back on one station once a month, follow social media & my website for more information.


Playing tracks by High Contrast, Otto Knows, Roll Deep, Robin Schulz Ft Francesco Yates, Rihanna and more.



I Love how they ended with a song called See You Again