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  • 2 years ago
The Beerists EXTRA - Sensory Kit Tasting

The Beerists EXTRA - Sensory Kit Tasting

What? Another full-length show this week? Yep! We recently acquired a BJCP-curated sensory kit from the Siebel Institute, and decided to record and share our mostly horrible tasting experiences with all of you.
Ethyl hexanoateAniseed, apple or licoriceCommon sources: Fermentation product, wort composition or yeast health
GeraniolFloral, geranium flowersCommon sources: Hop addition and variety
IndoleFarm, barnyardCommon sources: Bacterial infection during fermentation
Spicy (Eugenol)Cloves, all spiceCommon sources: Microbial contamination, wild yeast or aging
Earthy (2-Ethyl fenchol)Geosmin, soil-likeCommon sources: Packaging or water-derived contamination
Papery (Trans-2-nonenal)Cardboard, oxidizedCommon sources: Product of oxidation, staling
Isovaleric acidCheesy, old hops, sweaty socksCommon sources: Use of old, degraded hops
AcetaldehydeGreen Apple, cut grassCommon Sources: Fermentation Product, staling, or contamination
Butyric acidPutrid, baby vomitCommon Sources: Bacterial contam