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27. Kennedy Roundhouse: Moon Detective! Full Season

27. Kennedy Roundhouse: Moon Detective! Full Season

KENNEDY ROUNDHOUSE: MOON DETECTIVE! Kennedy Roundhouse is a hard drinking private eye...on the moon. When former lunar lounge singer Mandy Dewhitt comes knocking on her door with a case, Kennedy can barely keep her eyes to herself. But this case sounds a little too familiar for comfort. The counsel and the city's water supply? That's the case Ken took back when she was a reporter, that's case that got her disgraced. Dames, booze, and dark secrets all the way down, follow Kennedy to find out if she can uncover the truth without burying herself. Starring Kelly Nienaltowski, Christa Lewis, EK Dagenfield, Paul Goetz, Josh Monk, Chuti Tiu, and Mark Whitten! Kennedy Roundhouse was created by Mario Colli and written by Travis McMaster Visit for more and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. ALL EYES FORWARD