Quietus Mix 28: Daniel Miller's Mute Short Circuit

Quietus Mix 28: Daniel Miller's Mute Short Circuit

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Quietus Mix 28: Daniel Miller's Mute Short Circuit
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Daniel Miller, Mute boss, on his mix: "I always admire people who can give their top ten favourite albums, because I can never do that. I have two categories of albums, the ones that I bought and the ones that I paid for the making of, you have a very different relationship with those records. There’s no question that records that have been on Mute are some of my favourites, but it’s often years after they’ve been made that I can listen to them with any kind of objectivity. Every song has a back story when you’ve been working on it, whether it’s an argument about the high hat sound or whatever, and listening to those records takes a long time to put those arguments away. So I just picked an arbitrary mix, love them all, but I thought they were things that might make an interesting tape." For a full interview with Daniel Miller about Mute, the Short Circuit Festival, and buying a bust synth from Kraftwerk, go here: http://bit.ly/jExndL


Playing tracks by Neu!, Twinkle, Gerry And The Holograms , Steve Reich, Fad Gadget and more.