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Milan, Italy

TendenziA Records was born on July 2007 (by the synergy with V.O.T.U. Prd. LLC - Miami)

The idea comes to join and create a label's catalog, containing the whole productions of Keepers Of Melody Prd. (Musical Joint Venture created by Sergio Matina in 2003) and all other DJ/Producers (famous and emergent) close to the House, Deep House & Tech House sound and promoted by the label.

TendenziA Records has, now, a catalog of 194 releases and since 2007, thanks to its excellent productions, is one of the best in national & international "Dance-Oriented" compilation's panorama.

Among the artists who recorded on TendeziA Records we can mention: Sergio Matina, Funky Junction, Dj Dove, The Sloppy 5th's, Audioplayerz, Yas Cepeda & Isma G, Del Horno, Gianni Ruocco, JJ Romero, Electronic Drums, DJ Storm, Jack Floyd, Splashfunk, Dario Assenzo, Helen Brown, Pri Yon Joni, Fleetside, Danilo Seclì, Gabry Sangineto, Alexei & Carlos Kinn and many more...

Web Site: www.tendenzia.net