Numatica In Dub

Numatica In Dub

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Numatica In Dub

Numatica presents an exclusive dub mix, featuring material from Tempest Recordings' latest compilation, "Tempest In Dub Volume 2" compiled by Numatica, Stickleback & Arcane Trickster along with tracks from Numatica's latest album "1 X 1=3".

1. Ones & Zeros: Elevator To Mars (Numatica Remix)
2. Rip Van Hippy: Rebab Reggae
3. Deep Fried Dub Vs Numatica: Nautilus
4. Numatica: Nergiz Max
5. Garagee: Absent On Arrival
6. Kerensa Stephens: Sunshine Daze
7. Numatica Vs Ones & Zeros: The High Road
8. Red Eye Express: Higher (Onega Sound System Remix)
9. Modified: Palimpsest
10. Numatica: Evolver Dub


Playing tracks by Ones & Zeros, Rip Van Hippy, Deep Fried Dub Vs Numatica, Numatica, Garagee and more.

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loving this track!!