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This Week in Trek Episode 308, "Zoom and enhance"

This Week in Trek Episode 308, "Zoom and enhance"


Discovery will have a mirror universe episode (directed by Frakes?)
Disc First 4 episode titles:
“The Vulcan Hello”
“Battle at the Binary Stars”
“Context is for Kings”
“The butcher’s knife cares not for the lamb’s cry”
First 2 hours shown tonight at 5pm.
50th anniversary TOS Polar Lights 1/350 model has amazing decals where originals were crappy.

Orville: Better than last week.

Ten Forward:
Chris on Twitter: Is it unfair to try to apply today's moral standards to a show that was made in the 60's?

Star Trek in pop culture:
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, 2009.

Last week in Trek

Episode insight: DS9, S5: Rapture

Character insight - Admiral Gregory Quinn and Dexter Remmick

Subspace communications