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PART 2 -Finding Your Ideal Body/Relationship with Judy Cameron

PART 2 -Finding Your Ideal Body/Relationship with Judy Cameron

Since Spirituality and Quantum Physics now agree that the energy of our thoughts and feelings of past [perhaps traumatic] events direct our current behavior, especially around food and our self image, we now know we can CHANGE these mental patterns to create the relationship we actually WANT with food and our bodies.

In week 2, join Judy to actually start the process of ingraining the mental programming of the relationship you WANT to have with food and your body.  Start thinking about this now, for example:  

Would you like to act like a normal person with food?  That is, have a nice meal and forget about it until the next meal, instead of constantly obsessing about chocolate, fat or the pounds gained?

Would you like to not be addicted to sugar, fat or salt?  But rather enjoy a dessert once in a while without feeling guilty?

How about actually LIKING - even loving - and respecting your body for all that it is and does for you

These perspectives and behavioral changes are absolute