Pestilence Party: Episode 4

Pestilence Party: Episode 4

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Pestilence Party: Episode 4


Playing tracks by Scarlet Leaves, Profit Prison, Forever Grey, Buzz Kull, Dead Husband and more.


Talamasca Warnoch

Pestilence Party Episode 4

Deep Sad Frustration — Scarlet Leaves
The Misfortune — Scarlet Leaves
120 Days — Profit Prison
Turn On Death — Forever Grey
Last In The Club — Buzz Kull
Plastic Mind — Dead Husband
Phantom — Broken Nails
Der Augenblick explodiert (Ancient Methods Remix) — Die Selektion
Tension — Occams Laser
Neon Teeth — The Lion’s Daughter
As It Rises — Pass/Ages
Vampires Coffin — The Kentucky Vampires
When I’m Dead — Hexvessel
Wave — Undertheskin
Prisoner — Echoberyl
Lost In Desperation — Black Egg & Beta Evers