Pestilence Party: Episode 3

Pestilence Party: Episode 3

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Pestilence Party: Episode 3
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Talamasca Warnoch

The 3rd installment of Pestilence Party: 12 Digital DJ Journal Entries For A Year In Pandemic

Art credit: "Pestilence" by The Art Of Decay. Please go buy their work on Etsy!


Playing tracks by Veil of Light, Minuit Machine, Antipole, Rue Oberkampf, Spektralized and more.


Talamasca Warnoch

Pestilence Party Episode 3

Trust (Phase Fatale Remix) — Veil of Light
Don’t Run From The Fire — Minuit Machine
Closer (Ash Code Remix, feat. Eirene) — Antipole
Glycine — Rue Oberkampf
Caterpillar (Assemblage 23 Remix) — Spektralized
Tropas de la Muerte — Reka & Imperial Black Unit
Ilzam — Aurat
Death Of A Disco Dancer — The Smiths
Parallel Words — Hapax
Body Hammer — Ulterior
Nostalgia Void — Bootblacks
Vehicle — Inhalt
Black Cathedral — This Cold Night
Inside Out — Martin Dupont
Forget Me — Sally Dige