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Takuya Minakawa

Tokyo, Japan

The tt-vox project started in 2006.
The picture, poetry, and the sound are chiefly produced
and it opens it to the public on the Internet.

Please contact the person who demands the production request
The opinion of the work is waited for.

My Links

(blog) tt-vox Images+R

(old blog)
tt-vox music http://tt-vox.seesaa.net/
tt-vox images + http://type74.seesaa.net/

sound cloud http://soundcloud.com/tt-vox
sound cloud 2 http://soundcloud.com/takuya-minakawa

Myspace http://www.myspace.com/ttvox

Facebook takuya minakawa http://www.facebook.com/takuya.minakawa