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Los Angeles, United States

Dubbed as one of “electronica’s shining lights” in 2007 by KARMA Magazine, Syrena has been rocking dancefloors in the U.S. and internationally since late 1999. A consummate beat mixer who cut her own groove in the pulsating energy of the Los Angeles nightlife scene, Syrena’s sound is bold, sexy and confident. She is a master mixologist, gifted with a natural ear for music, dividing her time between live performances, and the sanctuary of her recording studio.

With a love for deep, bottom-heavy basslines, grit-tinged synths and lush soundscapes, she spins Dubstep, House and Techno, with roots in Drum & Bass that still influence her today. Her infectious energy heightens the experience of any party, be it for the jetsetters at a Nikki Beach club to the dusty masses at Burning Man, to underground warehouse events or elevating style for a FENDI penthouse party.