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Berlin, Germany

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Reggae influenced since 1979, first DJ-Set 1980, mixtape creator since this time, in the 80s organisator and DJ for Ska, Punk, Reggae, Wave and Indiependent parties in Berlin, Germany, Dub selector since1993, member of One Tribe Rockers, Sub Dub Soundsystem, Sound and Vibe Conrol and Dub Squad. Member of the original Dub Club Berlin Crew, the Dub I-nity, in the 1990s. Owner of several mixape series: komAstudio (Punk, Ska, Indiependent, Dancemusic in the 80s), my musical remedy (Dub in the early 90s), e-lion tapes (Dub and Reggae by Berlin finests and some great international guests: Lu-Jah, Tom Bauminista, Tunaman Tse, Goldfinga, Sister Ifua, DJ Pickadelic, King David, Future Roots Sondsytem (Cologne), Dub Creator (Amsterdam), Twilight Circus (Amsterdam), I-Natural (Leeds) and much more).