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The MEGA SWAT Kast - Smoking is Bad for Your Health

The MEGA SWAT Kast - Smoking is Bad for Your Health

With not so plausible deniability, Professor Hackle decides to aid all of kat-kind and make the world a better place by bringing two bloodthirsty revenge-obsessed gangsters back from the dead, turning them into seemingly indestructible, super strong, heavily armed robots, and leaving a pile of weapons and armored transportation at their feet. What could go wrong?

Please adjust your humor targeting displays to the lowest common denominator, and note that the accuracy of recollection missiles may vary.

Show Episode: The Metallikats

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Just pointing this out, but...
Not only is a BLAM supposed to be very odd even in the context of the source material, but it is also something that is NEVER seen nor mentioned at all after the point it is seen.