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The MEGA SWAT Kast – Secrets of the Stars

The MEGA SWAT Kast – Secrets of the Stars

Behind every great bug love is a great bug love story. Dr. Harley Street has the power to hear what women, specifically the Ci-Kat-A Queen, are thinking, forcing the SWAT Kats to rely on movie trivia to combat their foes. Finally, all of that hard work watching TV all day is paying off. Will T-Bone overcome his fear of bugs? Will Razor reveal T-Bone’s real name to the world? Will Megakat Tower have its “GRAMD” Re-Opening? Terrors from beyond abound in SECRETS OF THE STARS.

Please adjust your humor targeting displays to the lowest common denominator, and note that the accuracy of recollection missiles may vary.

Show Episode: The Ci-Kat-A

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Ashwin Thomas M

Man! the heart beats whenever the music is played..with adrenalin gushing..I think that's what sets it unique

RedticStone Alexfake