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The MEGA SWAT Kast - Knockoff Necronomicon

The MEGA SWAT Kast - Knockoff Necronomicon

Queen Callista, ruler of Megalith City, is stalked by an undead magical zombie. Fortunately, this episode was written by Glenn Leopold and not Stephenie Meyer. The mystical winds of plot contrivance transport our “not-heroes” to the Dark Ages, just in time to enforce a Medieval restraining order. Is Razor truly the hero foretold? Can T-Bone convince Razor they’re not actually heroes? Only one way to find out! Groovy.

Please adjust your humor targeting displays to the lowest common denominator, and note that the accuracy of recollection missiles may vary.

Show Episode: Bride of the Pastmaster

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I could've sworn I heard the "Rum Tum Tugger" somewhere in the initial half of this podcast.... >__> Well played.
Also: Nice use of the Benny Hill theme (AKA: Yakity Sax... I think? At least, I'm sure that was the actual title of the song... Researching, listening to this, and keeping an eye on shenanigans does cause some immense challenges...).
As to the clay figures thing... I constantly think of Power Rangers: Wild Force (a major vi--wait... that's reviving an orc and making it giant... Never mind then.) ... Stopping myself here before I write too many paragraphs in regards to this particular podcast...


Thanks for listening! And yes, I lazily inserted an instrumental portion of "Rum Tum Tugger" into one of Nee's Lady Pink Sleeves singing bits.


Thanks for listening!