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  • 2 years ago
1965 Immigration Act and Death To America

1965 Immigration Act and Death To America

Death to America!  Did you ever wonder why if the fact you are Mexican, born in America, that you automatically have Mexican citizenship?   Or, if you are born in America-but are Jewish, you have automatic citizenship with Israel?  So why niot have a baby on American soil-Let the American people fund all of the expenses.  Why not take the wealth of the American people -drain them, and pump the money back into our own country.  One day, there will be no more America left and such a thing cant happen.Such a wonderful idea though, If you are  of these descents.  Most Americans, particulary Western Europeans who have immigrated here legally only have one citizenship-American.  These people get hosed on their taxes which pay for the education, healthcare, jobs and whatever of these people.  1965 Immigration Act repealed the 1952 McCarren-WalterAct.  The 1952 McCarren-Walter Act , was such;

The Law: Federal legislation that removed restrictions on Asian immigration while also tightening gov