Bits & Bobs Pt 2 18/05/2007

Bits & Bobs Pt 2 18/05/2007

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Bits & Bobs Pt 2 18/05/2007

More hoovering up the recent crop of promos and new finds in the second Bits & Bobs show of 2007 (not too great with the titles there but I was juggling 20 month old twins at the time).
Starting concurrently, the Emperor Machine remix of White Line Circus makes an excellent bed for Break Reform’s ‘Cut A Map In The Soles of my Feet’ even if I say so myself. Both killer tunes in their own right and I seem to remember that the La Boca sleeve design for ‘Rocket Ride’ is one of their best of the era when they were designers for DC Recordings and the label bearly put a foot wrong for a few years. The Bamboos, still going strong on Tru Thoughts, this time with Ohmega Watts paraphrasing Double Trouble’s ‘At the Amphitheatre’ rap from Wild Style. Skipping a couple of tracks I had completely forgotten that Lost Idol made stuff with heavy beats like this, always one to watch for, glad I was hip to ...

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Playing tracks by White Line Circus, Break Reform, The Bamboos feat. Ohmega Watts, Yoko Ono w. Shitake Monkey, Natalie Walker and more.



Haha, great mix


Even better, 2nd time around. Damn you gotta way with your craft Kev :]