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Prelude to Glitter

Prelude to Glitter

It's time for Jackie to choose another Razzie winning and highly nominated "musical". In 2001, men in ties decided to crap in our ears and eyes as the allow Mariah Carey to create her own movie about her career (sorta). Get ready for gluch....
Streaming Do's and Don'ts

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty - Netflix

Justin's Top 5 80's Action Guys!
5. Kurt Russell - Escape from LA, The Thing, Big Trouble, Tango & Cash4. Chuck Norris - Delta Force, Firewalker, Invasion USA, Lone Wolf McQuade3. Jackie Chan - Project A, Meals on Wheels, Police Story, Armour of God2. Sly Stallone - All Rambos, Rocky IV, Cobra, Tango & Cash1. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Conan, Commando, Predator, Running Man
Here's who is NOT on the list:

Bruce Willis - Blow Hard IV - I'm a douchebag
Mel Gibson - Being in a film franchise where you make quirky faces and deliver lines at the speed Robin Williams tells jokes doesn't qualify as action guy.
Carl Weathers - Action Jackson's lack of action is an instant out - nice