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  • 3 years ago
Screw Finding Yourself

Screw Finding Yourself

Do you remember when you were a spring chicken and wore what you wanted, ate dirt and boogers and totally knew you were some kind of super hero? And you painted messy pictures that just felt right and made the best kind of sand castles that looked fucking ridiculous to everyone else but to you it was the Mona Lisa of sand castles. Remember how amazing that was?

People’s opinions were completely and rightfully irrelevant.

You just did you, and it felt great; zero fucks given.

This is what this interview is about. How to not get lost in identities of work roles, soul searching, perfection, jobs that 'save the world' and most of all, 'finding yourself'.

Matt Lavars, a great mentor from The Coaching Institute.

If you ever thought “who am I” or “how can I be more myself” listen to this.

P.S . We referenced the following people a few times during the Podcast:

Brene Brown's The Power of Vulnerability and Clare Graves' Spiral Dynamics in this episode, look that shit up, it’ll change