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Stan Dart

Graz, Austria

I write songs influenced by a certain mood or the wish to reflect events which happened to me. Sometimes a single picture can contain the idea of a complete song, sometimes a movie (or its music) influences me to write a track.Whatever it is, it´s always a request of my heart to tell a story.

I´ve grown up with the “New Age” music of the 80ies, with soundtracks by James Horner, Joel Goldsmith or Alan Silvestri. I´ve experienced the vivid pop music of that time as well as the great electronic music by Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kitaro or Tomita. Jan Hammer´s exceptionally music for “Miami Vice” was the reason, why I started to compose electronic music.

Writing a song is like telling a story – and I hope you like my stories.

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