Curtains (A Vinyl Mixtape by Spheruleus)

Curtains (A Vinyl Mixtape by Spheruleus)

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Curtains (A Vinyl Mixtape by Spheruleus)

I moved to a house a few months back that had some space in the garage for me to set up my old turntables again. Ever since, I've been vowing to make a 'mixtape' of some of the ambient/folk/electro-acoustic (whatever you call it) records that I'd acquired whilst my turntables were in storage.

And here we are at last! It is comprised of 22 tracks, spanning some of my favourite artists and labels in the scene, with the odd personal classic thrown in for good measure. It's complete with all the dusty crackles and pops that you'd expect from a vinyl mix.

The cover artwork was kindly provided by photographer Ruth Jones - you can find out more about her work by visiting the following link:

Of course, no mix would be complete without a shameless promotional plug mentioned in the description. So to keep in with that theory, here's a link to my latest album 'Cyanometry', which is out here now:


Playing tracks by Gareth Hardwick , Richard skelton , Vashti Bunyan, The A.Lords, Keith Freund and more.



Thanks for the kind words Aldous! Pleased you enjoyed the mix :)


that William Caslon Experience track is amazing, great selections in here.. Incredible mix