2 Bottles Of Moscato (And Some Haribo)

2 Bottles Of Moscato (And Some Haribo)

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2 Bottles Of Moscato (And Some Haribo)
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A sweaty Saturday afternoon.

tpain - drowning again (hnrk)
bwana - capsule pride
missy - let it bump (hydro)
octo octa - dresses
glacier lustwerk - neva seen
simonetti - bossa nova civic club bootleg
formation - control (chaos in the cbd)
midland - double feature
kywo - solar (sparkletone edit)
garret d and adam rowe - sound space
adesse versions - sly
kowton - glock + roll
stefan ringer - bossa grv drm trk
red rackem - wonky baseline disco banger
kink - pocket piano (breakbeat)
dj sega - nate dogg's joint
gang fatale - limon
kid antoine - airburst
submission - women beat their men (cevin's)
grrl - drill x formation
johannes brecht - fetes
axel boman - fantastic piano



Playing tracks by tpain, bwana, missy, onto octa, galcher lustwerk and more.