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SPA Girls Podcast – EP87 – Facing Your Fears

SPA Girls Podcast – EP87 – Facing Your Fears

This week we have a meaty topic for you! We go in-depth and take a look at our fears, the mental stuff that's stopping us from getting ahead. 

We all have fears, from the rational ones that motivate us and keep us going, to the irrational fears that keep us awake at night (and me out of the swimming pool - I swear, Jaws could be in there). This episode is about recognising those fears and lessening their power over us as writers, by naming them, and focusing on ways to overcome them. 

We look at the fears that have stopped or hindered us in our writing careers, how we got over them and how you can too. We also talk about the fears we still have, and the ones we wish we had! 

Wendy hates this kind of episode, so if nothing else, you should listen to it just to hear her squirm... :)