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  • 5 years ago
Speakerbox 2nd May Matt the Good & Rob Nuck

Speakerbox 2nd May Matt the Good & Rob Nuck

Playing tracks by

Elef, Roy Davis Jr, Dusky, Huxley, Justin Martin & Sammy D and more.

Live recording from Speakerbox May 2nd. Live shows every Thursday 8-10pm UK time.



Doin' time couldn't be more divine than this, but then...

Squigglin' and wigglin' in frantic shakes from the tingling snakes of the last breaths when a noose so tight blackens your sight... I get Neuro'd out too from time to time ( D & B ) I hear it ALL and got <3 on the infinite for sounds that help me get it down!

[ these ears bleed for variety and get lethal when tunes seal the deal ]

Cheers !

Matt the Good

@<]burninseid[> cheers man, glad you enjoyed. We'll be back this Thursday live once again from BS3.


'Subterranean' doesn't begin to drift into the feelin' of how "under" it all these beats pave streets with hues and tones from the bones of the crushed and forgotten; just harkenin' back to the potential of "Renaissance" as a series; sure can't figure why Daniel Craig thought it best to consider it a one time deal as a voice over gig,?
Then again; tampering into forbidden grounds of topics such as social reform or politicization on levels involving 'mature' animation just wouldn't be befittin' the man responsible to the mantle of the present-day "james bond,"?


Out 'West' gettin' one's place or flat restuccoed is a regular thing with the heat that just bakes the walls off of natural or native designed homes, but THIS - retextured and resurfaces every sense of how* I thought this morning was gonna stroll!
Brilliant & lush in how 'bottomed out' and yet cascading the rhythms have begun their elevation once more, TOP !


... will NOT begin to ponder how "out there" this would sound on some 'mind altering' substances... I'm already shruggin' left and right and twitchin' in all directions just attemptin' to hear past* the effects... madness and no arguin' ! it; meowriffic, LOL


If you're familiar with the world of "Renaissance" that was a more stenciled, but digital work that layered over storyboards; I constantly imagine other installments to that 'universe' of not just a future Paris but London, and other major cities and sounds of this caliber i.e. "Nobody Else" really brings home that "future IS now" quality; before we know it (foretelling) what our grandchildren are sure to still be hearing then*
TOTAL grooves day AND night, just limitless !


ALWAYS down for the freshest mixes off the cuttin' floor; or best yet - unedited and as raw as one could get,? WHY not?!
Bumpin' out the deepest vibes into readiness for the weekend and keepin' in unendin' - hopefully*
Sure hopin' I can make it on for a listen next time with the Liveness on a Thursday; got ya Bookmarked NOW :)